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Decking In Melbourne

Deck builders Melbourne pro is your best choice for decking in Melbourne with more than 10 years of experience to deck pergola, carport, pool surroundings, stairs and much more. Our helpful deck builders will give you expert guidance from deck designs to deck building. Deck builders Melbourne pro also offers professional advice on colours, shapes, and materials to match your imagination. Give us a call now on (03) 7035 6967 for a free onsite inspection.

decking in Melbourne

Decking in Melbourne

At Deck builders Melbourne pro, we have built our reputation over the past decades by simply good at decking. Our deck builders’s expertise is part of the reason why the customer keeps coming to us. We specialise in this one job above anything else, making us the profound company for decking in Melbourne.

Our decking in Melbourne mainly offer composite decking, timber decking, PVC decking and are expert in them. Other materials deck such as aluminium, pine and plastic are available upon request.

Timber decking

Timber decks can be installed in any yard, no matter the shape or size. Build your backyard and front yard with timber decking will not only give you a stylish and functional outdoor entertaining area that envy by neighbours and friend. It will also increase the value of your property by up to tens of thousands of dollars. In addition to the stunning outlook timber decking will bring you, they are also durable and renewable therefore installing a timber deck will not be harmful to the environment. Timber decking pair with the artificial lawn will bring you super low maintenance and an extra classy outlook.

Deck builders Melbourne pro sources timber from reputable wood yards locally and internationally to provide a durable and long-lasting deck. Together with our professional carpentry skills of building a deck, your next deck building project is always in good hands. Visit our timber deck builder page.

timber Decking with chair
composite deck with chair

Composite decking

Composite decking in Melbourne is built to prevent scratching, cracking and mould, and it will not rot or warp even under an extreme climate condition. It also has maximum durability when compared to other decking materials and resistant to fading or staining. Furthermore, composite decking has anti-splinter and insect characteristics, making them a safe choice for kids and pets. In recent years, composite decking has an increasing demand in the market and welcomed by many families to décor their home.

Our wide range of composite decking materials selection comes with distinct colour variations, if you are looking to install low maintenance, strong and last lasting composite deck, please do not hesitate to call Deck builders Melbourne pro for an obligation free quotation on (03) 7035 6967.

Visits our composite deck builder page.

Why choose us?

Whether you are looking to build a brand-new timber deck to your backyard or wanting a pergola for sun and rain protection and increase the resell value of your property. We will be your deck builders to help from installing, coating, and securing your imagination. We pride ourselves on excellent results, quality job and an affordable price. We are also insured and regulated therefore you will be served by the best deck installer.

Decking in Melbourne. We offer premium decking services including deck designs and deck building. Call our deck builders Melbourne on (03) 7035 6967.


We promise to provide the best decking service available in the market.

Great Support

Professional deck builder to give you support from designing to building your deck.

No Hidden Cost

Highly transparent price structure. There will be no drama and surprise when comes to pay your bill.

Best Equipment

We use the best equipment and latest technology to build your deck. Make sure it is stylish and durable.

Pool decking

Our pool decking in Melbourne includes areas that are around the pool such as stage, pathway, and stairs. Installation of pool decks or spa decks are much like other decks where composite decks are the popular choice, however extra care will need to take on sealing all exposed areas for waterproof as these boards will exposure to a lot of water splashing and wet feet. Other extra care such as the use of stainless-steel nails and screws to resist corrosion, materials used for decking should be treated properly and completely coated before installing will also need to be taken carefully to contribute to the durability of the deck.

Our deck Builders Melbourne also specialize in:

  • Stair and handrail decking
  • Pergola decking
  • Patio decking

With Deck builders Melbourne Pro, we exercise honesty and ethical. Transparent and upfront with estimates on all jobs from start to finish.

deck builders Melbourne

Deck Builders Melbourne

Frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost to build decking in Melbourne?

Price to build a new deck vary based on the below factors:

  • What type of foundation are you building the deck?
  • The size of the deck you are planning to build.
  • The type of material you are going to use. (Timber/Composite/hardwood etc).
  • Does it include stairs, handrail, pergolas, and verandahs?
  • Council and building permit if needed.

Decking or paving, which one is more cost-effective?

In terms of the construction cost and labour, building a deck is cheaper than a paving alternative. Also, the cost of materials is more flexible when it comes to decking and offer a range of colour selection. While composite deck requires not much maintenance, paving does not need maintenance at all.

How long will my decking last?

Most of the decking in Melbourne will last at least 15 years upwards if built and treated properly. Some of them will last up to 20 to 25 years when using more durable and high-quality material such as hardwood, timber, and composite.

What do I do if there are scratches on the decking?

Although timber and composite are hard and durable, it is still possible to leave marks and scratches when moving sharp or heavy object on the deck.If it is a lighter mark, all you need to do is sand the board until the scratch blends in with the surrounding. Or even then re-stain the deck to give it a finished look again.

For heavier scratches or substantial damage, give Deck builders Melbourne pro a call for professional deck restoration. 

What do I do to restore the decking colour over time?

It is normal if your deck to lose its colour over time. There are two things you can do to restore its original state:

  • Apply stain-blocking oil or alkyd primer before painting.

For timber deck, choose oil or paraffin paints for a better result. Therefore your wood decks will not absorb moisture and soak up with water.

  • Also, select paints that contain UV blockers to preventing fading or loss of deck colour.Use a paint roller or pump-style sprayer to ensure you get an even coat for every inch of the deck.

Or, give us a call for professional deck restoration to restore the colour of your deck.