Deck Restoration Melbourne

Deck Restoration Melbourne

Deck restoration Melbourne will be able to give your old deck a fresh new look. We have years of experience not only in building a deck but also in repairing and restoring them to its glory form. Why build a new deck when you can restore it to look as good as new? When it comes to Deck Restoration Melbourne, a different deck will have different conditions, they can mainly divide into four situations and should treat with a specific technique.

Like solving any problem, our expert in deck restoration Melbourne will need to understand the condition of your deck before we can give you the best opinion to act on. Below we have outlined some basics of decking issue people often come across.

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You might have a deck that requires clean and oil.

When your deck has been around a year or two since your last clean, it will look something like the picture. Before applying the oil, we will need to clean the thoughtfully with pressure washing to get rid of dirt and strain. Also, we need to make sure there are no mould or old oil coatings present on your deck so that the natural colour of the timber show through when oiling.

Pressure cleaning and coats of oil will be the best treatment if you have a deck that somehow looks like that.

deck clean and oil

You might have a deck that looks like this and require sanding before the pressure cleaning and oiling.

Sanding is a common practice to get rid of the peeling and flaking of acrylic coat due to wear and tear. But sometimes you would have discovered that some deck seems to be having two coatings. One layer is very hard to clean off with either pressure or chemical cleaning.

If that is your case, our deck builders will help you sand back the coat, scrubbing it down with a brightener then followed by pressure cleaning and layers of decking oil coats.

deck restoration Melbourne

You might have a deck that looks like this and require chemical scrub before the pressure cleaning and oiling. Using chemical washing can be expensive due to the cleaning agent itself and all the precaution preparation needed for this to carry out. As your best deck restoration Melbourne, we will only suggest this method only when mould is all over the deck or most parts of your deck are wearing off patchy.

However, most of the case can be resolve by its cheaper alternative which is sanding and brightening your deck.

dirty deck

You might have a deck that looks like this and require decking boards replacement. When part of your deck starting to split and rot, you will need a professional like us to do board replacement and repair. However, new boards will require weather for weeks or months below we can oil them. However, we could achieve the same by stripping the boards with power wash if time is not allowed.

deck repair

Expert advice

When you do not know where to start, our deck builders will guide you through all the way.

Transparency pricing

We exercise transparent pricing and no hidden cost. Our builder will keep you informed throughout the process.

Long-lasting result

Decks build by us is strong and durable. Deck builders Melbourne offer a long warranty to all decks.

Deck Restoration Melbourne


The price was reasonable. The service was quick. Never think of getting my front deck back to its original look that easy.
John Doe
South Yarra
Deck restored by one of their workers the result is satisfaction. I would recommend their service to anyone who wants to get the job done professionally.
Five stars deck restoration service. We will hire them again in the future if my deck needs anything.

If you decide to restore the deckĀ  by yourself, check out how to restore a deck.

We are your go-to expert for deck restoration Melbourne. If you happen to encounter any above situation, please do not hesitate to give us a call on (03) 7035 6967 and ask for a free onsite inspection.